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I brought my laptop there due to slow operating and possible virusus and malware and was greated by Ted.  I heard back from him promptly the next day asking a few follow up questions to make sure he was triaging the problem and then I also spoke with Kevin who walked me through what they did to clean up my computer.  When I went in to pick it up it was working faster and had none of the pop ups, warnings etc... 


I liked the friendly customer service so much I brough my wife's computer in for the same tune up and was equally impressed across the board.  Really nice folks, and I never got the opinion they were trying to upsell me or get me into something else.  I dont know a ton about computers and so in the past I may have fallen prey.  Not here!!  They were honest and upfront.  Will go again when in need or to even purchase one of the pre-owned computers when I am due for an upgrade.


- DWH In Millbury



Honesty is not easy to find in a repair shop. This guy is honest and smart. Enough said.


- nowlookhere



Ted was able to fit me into his morning schedule and then had my problem identified and corrected in 5 minutes. I thought I was going to have to replace a motherboard and instead my computer was fine. Nice guy, too. Highly recommend.


- drkrash



I've always been someone who goes to Geek Squad. But after they erased all my pictures and files when all they were supposed to be doing was adding anti-virus software, I decided it was time to find someone else. Recently, I had to have a new dvd drive installed as well as some software. Pro-Tech even got me the dvd drive for less than I would have paid for it at Best Buy!!! Pro-Tech's service rates were far lower than Geek Squad, or any other repair service I've ever used. Their service was quick and friendly. They came to my house and picked my computer up and brought it back when they were done. They answered all my questions and showed me how to access the software they installed. The Pro-Tech technician seemed to be far more knowledgeable than any tech I've ever dealt with at Geek Squad. He was less concerned with trying to sell me stuff and more worried about getting the job done quickly and correctly. The cost and the quality of service makes me really regret not finding about Pro-Tech sooner. I will definitely use Pro-Tech again for all my computer needs.


- jesusmalverde



Pro-Tech has been a great local small business for years, and have always had a positive experience using this company. Teddy is super friendly, and speaks on the costumers level in a professional manner. The company has great deals, prices and as always keeps you informed of the process going forward. Professional, courteous, and outstanding service. Support your local businesses!


- Curb83



My parents and I have used Pro-Tech a bunch of times and all of our computer problems have been fixed in a timely manner and at a great price! My dad seems to break his computer weekly and has me call Pro-Tech and I have never had a problem getting service to their house even though I do not live there. I would recommend Pro-Tech to anyone in need of computer upgrades, any type of system restore (especially after a virus.. eek), and they offer different types of packages, too. Why go to a big name that will gorge you with high prices when you can stay local and be charged the RIGHT price?!


- KerriP1327



I took my laptop to them after being told by SEVERAL big name computer repair places that it would cost me hundreds to fix. Their prices were so much more reasonable! They were able to have my laptop back to me in no time! I would definitely recommend them to everyone I know!


- corriegordon





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worcester computer repair, virus removal, laptop repair, pc repair, iphone repair, server support, networking