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About Pro-Tech...

I've always had a love for computers and technology. Back in 2004 I decided to turn this love into a hobby so I formed Pro-Tech. I quickly realized I enjoyed working on computers so I sought to learn as much as I could.

At first to me working on computers was just something I did for fun. Then I began to notice how my work gave such satisfaction to my clients. I dedicated more of my time to building Pro-Tech with the hope of being able to turn it into something more than just a side project.

Finally in March of 2010 my dream was realized and I was able to take Pro-Tech full time. However I certainly did not do it alone. I'm thankful to the hundreds of residents I've serviced over the past decade. I'm proud to have helped and continue to support hundreds of small businesses throughout Massachusetts with their various needs. With your kind words and recommendations Pro-Tech has grown into something I am proud of.

-Ted Zawalick



Ted Zawalick 


"As an owner-operated company, we depend on word of mouth. Therefore we must always be honest and dependable. It's also the reason why our rates are the lowest in the area."