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To all my devoted customers... After almost 15 years I have decided to close the doors on Pro-Tech.  I decided it's time for a change and accepted an offer working for the Federal Government within IT Systems & Security.  Since starting a family and moving further from the city, it just made sense.  This was a big decision for me and was fairly sudden but isn't that what life is all about... shaking things up and keeping it interesting!? 


Anyway, I want to thank you all for your support over the past years and your dedication to me & Pro-Tech.  I wouldn't have lasted as long without such great customers!  I will keep my email active for some time in case you want to drop a line.  Unfortunately, I won' t be providing any consulting services as I'm dedicated to my new full time position.

Again, thank you so much & take care!  


Ted Zawalick

...on to the next chapter!